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The Flameless Clothes Dryer

So I’m on a roll with this old magazines thing, and I’m thumbing through a 1964 Life Magazine issue, when I come across an ad for a “Flameless Clothes Dryer” made by Edison Electric. Here’s the copy:

A flameless electric clothes dryer is wonderfully convenient. Its action is so gentle, and it leaves no odor on your clothes. Because it’s flameless, it has fewer than half a dozen mechanical parts. And not needing any flue, it can be put wherever you want it. Talk to your local appliance dealer about a flameless electric clothes dryer. You’ll take an important step toward the joy of total electric living.

WTF? Flames in the clothes dryer? And a flue? I seriously didn’t know that clothes dryers were ever made with flames and flues. (And you didn’t either, so don’t act like you did.) What an incredibly stupid idea, who ever thought of this? (Hey, Mom, why are my clothes all charred and black? Sorry, honey, it was the flames. Those darn flames, they must have gotten out of the flue again.)

And did you know that, back then, when clothes dryers came with flames, people also had phones that actually plugged into walls, and you had to stick your pointer finger in a hole and turn it to a number to make a phone call?

Can you even imagine?