The New Gogo App

As a budding entrepreneur and savvy mom, I’m always trying to come up with THE NEXT BIG THING in parenting. And I’ve been reading about this Momo story (which is indeed a hoax, so don’t freak out on me, parents), where this hideous-looking creature infiltrates your kids’ online apps and games and instructs them on how to commit suicide.

Let me repeat, Momo is a hoax. It is NOT a real thing, so relax.

But it did get me thinking…

Meet Gogo, the awesome new app for parents! Here’s how it works: Just download our free, new app (in-app purchases). Whenever your kids aren’t listening to you because they’re faces are all sucked up in their phones, you just click a button on the app, and Walah! A photo of YOU, with your angriest parent look, will suddenly pop up on their screen and say things like:

Go clean your room!

Go set the table!

Go do your homework!

Go outside and play!

Go brush your teeth!

Go to bed!

The new Gogo app has at least 500 different Go! commands, but you can also customize the commands to suit your needs. You can even choose up to ten tone modes for the Go! commands, such as the pleasant-and-I’m-still-smiling tone, the slightly-annoyed-no-longer-smiling tone, the I’m-clearly-pissed-off-now-tone, and the I’m-not-taking-any-more-of-your-shit tone.

If your kids think Momo is scary, just wait until they meet Gogo.

The new Gogo app will be launched by early summer 2019. Look for it!

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