Ten Signs You’re Probably Never Ever Going to Make Any Money from Your Blog

1. Seven billion people in the world. One follower.

2. The only SEOs you know are drunk frat boys.

3. Understanding tags versus categories seems like quantum physics.

4. You still think Google Ads is a drinking game.

5. Your 10-year-old had to help you set up your website.

6.  You don’t know anyone even remotely famous.

7.  You don’t know anything about DIY crafts, cooking, sewing, pets, children, or beauty products.

8. Whenever you start telling someone about the theme of your blog, polite smiles and awkward silences ensue.

9. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband doesn’t even follow you.

10. Your blog doesn’t have at least one article and an ad for a paid course about how to make money from your blog.

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